2nd World War

On October 3, 1939, the Second World War was declared and kept shocking mankind for six years. The continual challenges of Italy against Greece culminate with the unleashing of Elli torpedo attack in Tinos on the Feast of Our Lady and on October 28, 1940 the Heroic Hellenic NO opposes the Italian ultimatum. Greece enters the war and begins the fight against all odds. The fight at sea can be divided into two phases.

Phase 1: Support for the land forces on the front of Albania. This phase ends with the German invasion and seizure of Greece by the Germans-Italians in April 1941.

2nd Phase: The Hellenic Navy faithful in its traditions does not subdue the flag and leads the remains of its Fleet to Alexandria on April 25, 1941 to continue the Fight for 4 years. And while in the impoverished and bloodied Greece a new front opens, the National resistance, the Greek warships participate in countless convoys, landings, raids in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian and the great descent of Normandy. New pages of glory are added to the heroism of Greece.

The Allies honor the courage of the Greeks. This great epoch comes to an end when the black shadow of war had passed and the Greek Fleet docked to Faliro on 17 October 1944. Greece greeted the Greek sailors with enthusiasm. They were deemed worthy of the Fatherland.