Educational Programs & Goals

Educational Programs

According to its international definition, a Museum is an institution that acts for the purposes of education, study and enjoyment. Respecting this sacred purposes the Maritime Museum of Crete, since 1997 has been providing educational programs and has been a favorite destination for the schools not only of Chania, but of the whole island as well.


The museum programmes aim not only at providing historical information regarding the museum's exhibits but also- and mainly- to give the children the opportunity to discover studying methods through the specific exhibits of the museum.

The programmes have been developed in accordance with both the modern pedagogic models and the theory of museum education and are adapted to the needs and abilities of the ages they are intended for.

The programmes strive to stimulate the imagination and promote the sensitivity and the critical thinking of children by emphasizing on both the individual participation and the teamwork.

Therefore, the programme's aims are:

1. To familiarize the children with the museum and its exhibits.

2. To inform the children about the sea and its ecosystem and about the naval history and heritage of our country.

3. To create motivations for the collaboration of the school and the museum through the interaction of learning in the museum and in the classroom.