Marine Enviroment

In the depths of the seas and the Greek seabed, there is an unknown wonderful world, an enchanting natural beauty that the few who can visit it describe as entering a silent paradise with infinite strange forms and colors, with mythical animals which look like plants and plants that resemble animals.

The game of life played at sea is about all the living organisms of the earth. Everyone is born, eats and gets eaten, playing, growing, fighting, multiplying, preserving without knowing the marvelous balance of life that was created millions of years ago in the humid kingdom of Poseidon. This ecological balance, is the absolute prerequisite for preserving all living creatures on earth and their pure natural environment.

The seabed is the greatest source of wealth we have. It is our life itself and we all, citizens and the state, must do everything we can to maintain the balance of our living world. That would be what the few inhabitants of the seabed who are presented to the visitor would tell us.