Our Objective

Objective of the Maritime Museum of Crete is:

1. To Fulfill its purpose according to the definition of "Museum" defined by the International Council Of Museums (ICOM) , meaning a legal non profitable carrier in the service of the society and its development , which is open to the public and which acquires, conserves , studies,communicates and mainly exhibits all the material evidence of man and its environment , with the purpose of studying, educating, and entertaining.

2. To tighten the bonds of love, friendship and solidarity among its members and society's, and also among other associations which are bonded by love for the sea in Greece and abroad.

3. To preserve and to exhibit the spreading of the Navy spirit and of Naval tradition for the following generations as a source of national greatness and as a pillar of support to the national independence and economy.

4. To gather, preserve, exhibit and promote any kind of items and artifacts which are related to our nautical tradition and history.

5. To aware people of the need of protection of the sea environment, thought meeting with it, and the realization of its ongoing destruction and incomprehensible exploitation by mankind.