1. Shipbuilding Stages

On December 2002, the Institute "NAUDOMO" started the shipbuilding of the Minoan ship, in the area of Eastern Venetian dockyards of the Chania old Harbor. The technical support of shipbuilding was assigned by the Maritime Museum of Crete to a local traditional shipyard. The phase of shipbuilding was completed with the ceremony of launching that took place on December 1 st , 2003.


Start of Shipbuilding Ceremony

Start of Shipbuilding Ceremony


The keel

The keel, a one-piece cypress 22m length was bent to give the wanted shape.


Shipbuilding procedure

The ship was built with semi- cut cypresses which were put side by side.


Shipbuilding procedure

The trunks were cut along and put symmetrically in opposite directions.



The trunks were punctured and the ropes were reeved in order to be sewed.


The shipbuilders

The ship builders strap the ropes at the trunks and make the necessary amendments.



The ropes were tightened with wooden pins.


The raft

The "raft" (the side parts of the ship) was lifted with pulleys.


Beginning to take form

Thus, a semi-cylindrical body was created which started to close and was strapped in order to form the ship. (There were not any ship- sections at that time).


Taking shape

The tree trunks are tightened at the bow and the stern. The "raft" takes the shape of a ship.


Final shape

Trunks are put to support the ship and the amendments are made, so that the hull takes its final shape.


The ram of the bow

Subsequently, the frame "A" is placed. Two thick one-piece tree trunks hold the tegument of the ship and shape the ram of the bow.


Treating the hull

The hull is greased several times in order to become waterproof.



The shell of the ship is covered with several layers of cloth, imbued in a mixture (fat-resin) for sealing purposes.


First outing

The ship is getting out of the dockyard for the first test launch on a specially constructed trailer.



A crane places the ship on the water by the means of specially constructed slings.

2. Launching

The official launching of the ship was celebrated magnificently at Chania on December 1st 2003 in the presence of the President of Hellenic Republic.


The President of the Hellenic Republic

The President of Hellenic Republic Mr. K. Stefanopoulos in the presence of several officials. (In the background one can see the Venetian dockyard, where the Permanent Exhibition will be held.


The Chairman of the Maritime Museum of Crete

The Chairman of the Maritime Museum of Crete presents the program and the targets of the museum for the utility of the ship.


Metropolitan Bishop of Kudonia and Apokoronas Reverend Irineos

Religious ceremony officiated by Metropolitan Bishop of Kudonia and Apokoronas Reverend Irineos.


The naming of the ship

The President of the Republic names the ship "Minoa" and wishes "safe voyages, spreading our naval traditions around the world". He cuts symbolically the ribbon of the launching (which holds the Director of the program. Vice- Admiral A. Kourtis).


The hoisting of the ship's pennants

The hoisting of the ship's pennants and of the Hellenic flag in front of the eyes of an enthusiastic crowd.