Educational Subjects & Structure


Each educational program includes activities such as:

  • Welcoming and acquaintance with the museum educator, the space and the collection of the M. M. Crete.
  • Presentation of the main subject of the program based on discussion and dialogue, during which the children observe, compare, imagine and play.
  • Creative activities with worksheets, games, painting and artistic creations adapted to the needs of each age.
  • Other activities such as treasure hunt, drama, story telling etc.


By the end of each educational period, classes of primary schools are selected in order to participate in the event titled "Expression and Creation". The M. M. of Crete organizes this event every year. The students, with the direction of their schoolteachers, have the chance to perform a theatrical play, inspired by the educational program they attended in the museum. The main purpose of this event is to let the children express themselves and create in their own way.



The educational programmes of M. M. of Crete are addressed to all classes of primary school as well as to children of infantile age. Specially modulated programmes are applied to children with special needs, since September 2004. As M. M. Crete is mainly a historical museum, the programs have been structured according to the school program and particularly the history course. Moreover, there are programs which refer to the protection of the environment with relative literary and artistic activities. There are also seasonal educational programs on national or Cretan anniversaries and celebrations.