“Domenicos Theotopoulos before El Greco” December 4, 2014 to March 31, 2015 For the first time, an exhibition attempts to interpret Domenicos Theotokopoulos based on the social and cultural environment that has set his sovereign artistic choices. The report is developed in three sections. The first presents the importance of Crete for Venice in the
17 to 19 October 2014 Participation in the 2nd International Scientific Conference on Browsing and Mapping of the Greek Space organized by the Sylvia Ioannou foundation foundation at the Cycladic Museum on “CORSAIRS & PIRATES IN THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN 15TH – 19TH CENTURY” The main and main objective of the Congress was to re-examine the
Museums are living organisms that help create links between visitors, generations and cultures around the world. While they work in the present, they protect and display the past. They are connecting links that enable modern and future generations to better understand their origins and history. The Maritime Museum of Crete has been pleased to participate
Το Ναυτικό Μουσείο Κρήτης για 16η συνεχή χρονιά πραγματοποίησε την 21 Μαΐου 2014 την καθιερωμένη εκδήλωση «Παιδική Έκφραση και Δημιουργία», η οποία γίνεται κάθε χρόνο στο πλαίσιο των Εκπαιδευτικών μας Προγραμμάτων. Τα Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα ξεκίνησαν το 1999 και έχουν ως στόχο τους να αποτελέσει το Μουσείο ένα πόλο έλξης για τα παιδιά μεταδίδοντάς τους την

Event with Greeks of Northern Italy 2014

The occasion of the celebration of the National Day of March 25, the Maritime Museum of Crete and the Historical Archive of Crete accepted the proposal and participated in the events that were co-organized in Trieste and Venice. In Trieste it was co-organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture of Italy, the Greek Community of

Philantropic event 2014

Holy Metropolis of Kydonia & Apokoronas, The Region of Crete – Regional Section of Chania The Historical Archive of Crete and The Maritime Museum of Crete on Wednesday 12 February 2014 at 19:00 at the Cultural Center of Chania, presented the book “Admiral Paulos Kountouriotis (1855 – 1935) a Psychographic Approach” by A.Diamantis The book

Trieste & Venice 2014

In the dramatic documentary of the 60-minute production of Maritime Museum of Crete, the historical course of Crete from 1855 until its liberation from the Ottoman yoke and its Union with Greece, with the main thrust of the impressive Revolution of 1866 and the main characters of Kydonias general leader, Yannis Hadjimichalis and his nephew Antonis.
An amazing concert, a musical journey that led us all to memories, and filled us with pride for the outstanding work of the music of our glorious Navy held on Sunday December 1, 2013 at the Cultural Centre of our city. This melodic program, which closed the evening for the official celebration of the 100th
The Maritime Museum of Crete, which for 40 consecutive years since its foundation, was an integral part of the Firkas Fortress and with a heavy sense of responsibility of the Members of the Board of Directors for the preservation of the cultural heritage and the maritime tradition of our country it would not be possible