Who we are

The maritime museum of Crete is a private entity and is run by the Chairman and from 8 board members voted directly by the general meeting.

In the Board Members have the right to be elected ...
a) The in charge of the Regional Unit of Chania or a representative of his
b) The mayor of Chania or a representative of his
c) The commander of the Naval Base or a representative of his

After the elections of the Maritime Museum of Crete (March 2020) according to the active article of association , the following Boards members were elected.

Boards Members
1. Chairman: Petrakis Emmanuel, Commodore (eng), H.N., retired.
2. Vice-chairman: Drakakis Charalampos , Commander, H.N., retired.
3. General Secretary: Sitzimis Ioannis, Dr. Economist - Cultural Sciences.

4. Deputy General Secretary: Douka Eleftheria, Rrivate Employee.

5. Cashier: Mpinakis Nikolaos , retired.


a. Markakis Iosif, Retired, Special Associate of the Regional Unit of Chania.
b. Karampourniotis Panagiotis, Merchant Navy, retired.
c. Samartzis Georgios, Director of the Bank of Greece.
d. Tsikalakis Nikolaos, Military, H.N.

Deputy Members:

a. Tsakalias Damianos , Sublieutenant, H.N. retired.
b. Kelakis Georgios, Private Employee.
c. Aggelakis Emmanuel, Businessman.
d. Ginis Iosif, Businessman.

Audit Committee:

a. Giakoumakis Christos, Director of Citizen Service Center.
b. Charitaki-Makraki Crissa, Agriculturist.
c. Chatzicristodoulou Christos, Employee of the National Bank of Greece.