Who we are

The maritime museum of Crete is a private entity and is run by the Chairman and from 8 board members voted directly by the general meeting.

In the Board Members have the right to be elected ...
a) The vice prefect of Chania or a representative of his
b) The mayor of Chania or a representative of his
c) The commander of the Naval Base or a representative of his

After the elections of Maritime Museum of Crete at February 2017 at the Neorio MORO according to the active article of association , the following Boards members were elected.

Boards Members
1. Chairman : Petrakis Emmanuel, Commodore (eng), H.N., retired.
2. Vice-chairman : Drakakis Charalampos , Commander, H.N., retired.
3. Secretary : Tsitonaki Anna, Architecture engineer.

4. Deputy Secretary : Sitzimis Ioannis, Dr. Economist - Cultural Sciences.

5. Cashier : Mpinakis Nikolaos , retired.
6. Members :

a. Karampourniotis Panagiotis, Merchant Navy, retired.
b. Tsakalias Damianos , Sublieutenant, H.N., retired.
c. Kelakis Georgios, Private Employee.
d. Tsikalakis Nikos, permanent member, H.N.