Byzantine Period

An important ship of that period is the one named "Kubarea-Kumvarion". The Muslims of Crete and Arabs as well, used this kind of ship. Other significant models are those of the "Dromon" ship and the "Yassi Ada" ship. The collection also contains portraits of Byzantine Emperors and paintings with byzantine ships.

Rowing battle ship with a ram bow that dominated the Mediterranean for many centuries. There were several types of these ships, smaller or larger, older and newer. The rowers and the fighters at Dromons and the other ships of Byzantine were free citizen as at the Athenian triremes. In the bow there were the "siphons" from where the "Greek fire", the revolutionary weapon invented by the Byzantines, was launched.

Sailing merchant ship of the 14th century. A small sailing merchant ship that had the "latinia", is a triangular sail. Length 20m. width 4m. displacement of 15-20 tonnes. It was steered with two lateral rods on the stern. It was great historical significance for the Cretans, since one such boat was accopanying the  4 ships "dromon", with which 1500 Cretans were transferred to help the Ottoman-occupied Constantinople. For their great prowess the Sultan left them free to leave with many honors.