Byzantine Period

Models of historical ships from Byzantine period:

The model of the ship "Dromonas", which was the flagship of the Bychan fleet, stands out. Also important are the models of the ships, "Yasi Ada", "Sebek" and "Koumbarea-Koumvarion". The Muslims of Crete and especially the Arabs had such ships. The collection is framed by portraits of certain Byzantine emperors and paintings of Byzantine ships.

Rowing battle ship with a ram bow that dominated the Mediterranean for many centuries. There were several types of these ships, smaller or larger, older and newer. The rowers and the fighters at Dromons and the other ships of Byzantine were free citizen as at the Athenian triremes. In the bow there were the "siphons" from where the "Greek fire", the revolutionary weapon invented by the Byzantines, was launched.

On this painting is depicted the moment of the withdrawal of the Cretan fighters from the Keratios Gulf, after the Fall of Constantinople.

Byzantine Emperors: Justinian I (482-565), Leon III Isauros (685-741), Michael III (839-867), Basil I Macedon (811-886), Niciforos II Phokas (912-969) , Constantine XI Paleologos - Dragassis (1405-1453)