Past Activities

As part of the educational trip of the Graduate Student (Hellenic Coastguard) of the Hellenic Nanal Academy, students together with the Director of Studies Captain HC Mr. Georgios Christianos, as well as the staff of the Merchant Marine Academy of Crete visited the Maritime Museum of Crete on Saturday, February 17, 2024. After the greeting
On Saturday 10 February, 2024, as part of a commemorative event, on the occasion of the anniversary of the bombing of the Revolutionary Camp of Akrotiri, a visit was made to the Maritime Museum of Crete by the Secretary General of the Aegean and Islands Policy, Mr. Manolis Koutoulakis. We had the pleasure of discussing
From the participation of our Museum in the Celebrations for the 110 years of the Union of Crete with Mother Greece! After the end of the Doxology in the Metropolis of Chania and the raising of the Greek Flag at the “Firka” Fortress, a visit-guided tour of the premises of the Maritime Museum of Crete