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Editions: Hellenic Navy General Staff, Hellenic Navy History Service

Η Ναυμαχία της Σαλαμίνας / The Seabattle of Salamis (bilingual edition), price: 5,00 € 

Editions: Efstathiadis Group

Greece and Crete, The second World War 1939-1945, A short military history series, price: 11,00 ‎€

The survival of "Titch" in Hitler's Creece, a true story, price: 9,00 ‎€


Editions: Hellenic Maritime Museum

Βαλκανικοί πόλεμοι 1912-1913, Ο Ναυτικός αγώναςBalkan Wars 1912-1913, The Naval Struggle (bilingual edition), price: 40,00 €

Από τα πελάγη... στους αιθέρες, το χρονικό της ναυτικής αεροπορίας 1913-1941From the seas... to the skies, the naval air force chronicle, (bilingual edition)price: 40,00 €

Τα Ελληνικά υποβρύχια / Hellenic Submarines, (bilingual edition), two volumes, price: 70,00 €

Hellenic Warships 1829-2001price: 18.00 

Υποβρύχιο Περσεύς, Ψίθυροι από το βυθό / H.M Submarine Perseus, Whispers from the deep (bilingual edition), price: 35,00 €

Ελλήνων Πλόες, Η πορεία της Ελληνικής Εμπορικής Ναυτιλίας δια μέσου των Αιώνων, / Seafaring of the Hellenes, The course of the Hellenic Merchant Marine through the centuries (bilingual edition), price: 50,00€

Ναυπηγική και πλοία της ανατολικής Μεσογείου και Μαύρης Θάλασσας κατά τον 18ο και 19ο αιώνα, / Shipbuilding and ships of the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the 18th and 19th centuries (bilingual edition), price: 10,00 €

Editions: Militos

History of Crete, price: 22,00 €

Kriti, A history in pictures, price: 20,00 

Sfakia, a history of the region in its Cretan context, Goerge K. Dalidakis and Peter Trudgill, price: 15,00 €

H Επική Μάχη της ΚρήτηςThe Epic Battle of Crete, (Greek - English - German - Russian), price: 18,00 €

Χανιά - Ναυτικό Μουσείο Κρήτης / Chania - Maritime Museum of Crete, price: 15,00 €

Editions: Hellenic Post

Ο Ναυτικός Πόλεμος του 1912-1913, 100 χρόνια από τη στρατηγική νίκη του Ναυτικού στους Βαλκανικούς Πολέμους / The Naval War of 1912-1913, 100 years since the strategic naval victory of the Balkans Wars (bilingual edition), price: 45,00 

Commemorative Medalssilver, price: 62,00€bronze, price: 18,00 €

Engraving Ship from Minoan era, price: 6,00€

Handmade silver Broochs, price: 28,00€

Sailboats, price: per item 5,00 €

Huts, price: 8,00 €/ 13,00 €

Cups, price: 4,00 €

Silver Miniature of Ships, price: per item 160,00€

T-shirts, price: 15,00 €

Plates, price: 5,00 €

Plaques, price: per item 5,00 €

CARDS WITH MODELS - EXHIBITS price per item: 0,40 €

Athenian Trireme (5th century BC)


Roman Trireme (2nd century BC)

Dromon (533 AD)

Yassi – Ada (7th century AD)

Sailing Quad

Steam "Paralous"

Paron or Bricky (1815)

Light cruiser "Admiral Miaoulis"

Submarine "Dolphin"

Cruiser "Elli"

Destroyer "Crete"

Panama Solar Watchprice: 120,00 €. A copy of a large 1900 solar watchCompass

San Salvador, price: 120,00 €. A copy of D.W. Burton military use 1894

Koumpaso, price: 35,00 €. Instrument navy, metal in L-shape (like two-legged diabetes) where we measure distances from nautical maps. A copy of the clip found in the wreck of "Mentor"

which took place in September 1802, southeast of Kythira.

Whistle, price: 20,00 . The whistle or "latch" is one of the oldest
and more typical pieces of naval equipment.

Τelescopes, price: 33,00 € / 38,00 € / 49,00 €

Penholder Telehraphprice: 42,00 €

Penholder Anchorprice: 39,00 €

Penholder Vase and Compassprice: 26,00

Diceprice: 18,00 €

Solar Compass with boxprice: 50,00 €

Compass Gimbal with boxprice: 51,00 €

Compass Burton Sguareprice: 60,00 €

Magnifying Glassprice: 31,00 €

Solar Ballprice: 47,00 €

Dominoprice: 26,00 €

Paperboard Anchorsprice: 55,00 €

Hourglass, price: 21,00 €

Maps Creta-Candiaprice:16,00€ (3 items)

Map Isolaprice:18,00€ (2 items)

Map Insula Cretaprice:16,00€ (4 items)

Map V. M. Coronelli, price:22,00€ (1 item)

Map F. De Witprice:22,00€ (1 item)

Map G. Mercatorprice:22,00€ (1 item)

Map Sansonprice:22,00€ (1 item)

Map Orteliusprice:5,00€ (1 item)

Mapprice:10,00€ (1 item)

Map Cluverius 1676price:6,00€ (1 item)

Map Cluverius 1676 in frameprice: 20,00€ (1 item)