A trip to the naval collection of British Admiral Horatio Nelson offers visitors the exhibition of Catherine Laskaridis Foundation which was inaugurated on Saturday night at the Maritime Museum of Crete in the presence of political and military authorities and several people. As Emmanuel Petrakis, Chairman of the Naval Museum, emphasized in his address, “Today’s
Memoirs from the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Crete for mood. Memorable double sided medals, bronze 32,50euro and silver plated Leaflet with 5 stamps (10 May 2016) First day envelope filing (10 May 2016)

Trieste & Venice 2014

In the dramatic documentary of the 60-minute production of Maritime Museum of Crete, the historical course of Crete from 1855 until its liberation from the Ottoman yoke and its Union with Greece, with the main thrust of the impressive Revolution of 1866 and the main characters of Kydonias general leader, Yannis Hadjimichalis and his nephew Antonis.