The red frame contains the area shown in the model


Having landed Xerxis and his army on the shores of the Asia Minor, the Persian fleet , consisting of 300 ships, anchored in Kimi and Samos. The fleet was under the command of Marhondis and Artaphtis. The Greek fleet, consisting of 110 trimmers, under the command of the king of Sparta, Leondihidis, was anchored in Egina. The people of Samos and Chios asked the Greek fleet for help and, responding to their plea, the Greeks sailed to Samos. When the Persians heard of the coming of the Greek fleet, they pulled their ships out on the shore and camped near Mykali.

The Persian army consisted of 60.000 men under the command of General Tigranis, whom Xerxis had ordered to defend Ionia. The total military and navy force of the Persians came out to 100.000 – 120.000 men.

When the Greeks reached Samos and were informed of the retreat of the Persians to Mykali, they landed and marched towards the Persian camp. The Greek force was no more than 25.000 men.

The Persians came out of the camp and launched their arrows against the Greeks: however despite their valiant efforts they did not manage to push back the attack of the Greeks. While they were retreating, the right flank of the Greek army, consisting of Athenians, Corinthians, Sekionians and Trizinians under the orders of Xanthipos, managed to penetrate the camp. Then the Spartans attacked and the casualties were very heavy for the Persian army. Moreover the people of Samos and Milos turned against their former conquerors.

Many Persians were killed as well as the Generals Marthondis and Tigranis. The Persians fleet was put on fire and victors received rich loot. The Sekionians suffered the greatest casualties on the Greek side.

As a result of the Battle of Mykalis, Ionia was freed from the Persian yoke while Samos; Chios, Lesvos and other islands came under the protection of the Athenians and joined the Greek alliance.